Today’s Date: Tuesday, July 20, 2021

What we did 

We started with our warm-up of Yoga with Adriene, then headed over to the Blackfriars to start our first run-through of Henry V—Ren Style! 


Photo of the Day:

(not from rehearsal bc we forgot to take photos. this is the choreography committee discussing intimacy (oooooooh) and combat on stage pictured clockwise are: Isabella (Constable, Nym), Topher (The Henry the V), Molly (Pistol), Lucy (King Charles, Canterbury), Andy (Exeter, Court), Daniel (Wellness and Health RDA/ Stage Manager/Intimacy & Combat director/our. best. friend.) Analise (Boy), Lilly (Hostess, Governor, Burgundy).

Quick and Quotable

  • From the play

“All things are ready, if our minds be so” -Henry the V

  • From the company 

“Maybe you guys just aren’t funny” -Analise (because we couldn’t remember anything anyone said today)

“Drip”-Topher after literally anything and everything

“Another dead body is not hard to do” “DO??” -Topher Zane and company


Production Insights:

Rehearsal the renaissance way is a lot different than the usual second day of camp—the day after we get our roles we’re usually still reading the play, but today we were free to try our own blocking as we went along. Improvising this movement forced us to make choices and react to our scene partners and the text in a much more organic way. We couldn’t go back stage, so when someone noticed their scene partner was on the other side of the stage, they would run through the house to join them; everyone was rushing around and the energy was high, and we really came together as a company and saw the foundation of our show develop after a week of readying our minds (call back to the quote *wink*).