Clowns running their introduction for the play!!! Pictures are Isabella (as Nym), Micah (as Bardolph), Lilly (as Hostess) and Molly (Pistol)

Today’s Date: Tuesday, August 3


What we did: After our regular yoga and breakfast, we had our daily check-in and planned out the morning hours of our rehearsal. Before lunch, we managed to run all of the battle of Agincourt, rework some of the moments within the battle, plan the glorious reveal of the tennis balls, work scene 2.1 with our crew of Eastcheap clowns, and run some of the choruses in the playhouse. From 2:00 – 3:00, our committees met with mentors for the last time to help us make final changes and clean up areas of uncertainty, and committee work time continued without them until 5:00. At 6:45, Violet (Dauphin, Ely) led us in a group warm up before our calls for our second dress rehearsal. Once our run-through was finished, we checked in as a company and discussed the run before striking our costumes, instruments, and props and taking them back to base camp.


Quick and Quotable

  • From the play: 
    • “Shall we shogg?” – Nym
    • “Raise up issue that France and England, whose very shores look pale with envy of each other’s happiness, may cease their hatred.” – King Charles

  • From the staff/cast:
    • “Work, work your thoughts, and therein see a crispy anus.” – A group of sleep-deprived goons (my fellow castmates and I)
    • “As we all know, humans can’t have red hair. Only leprechauns can.” – The same group of goons, in reference to the spectacular Disney channel original movie The Luck of the Irish. (Maddie who is editing this is very offended)


Production Insights: Writing this, I feel a way that only a dress rehearsal gone well can make me feel: mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted, but immeasurably proud of the very thing that makes me feel so. I’ve grown so close with so many members of my cast in just a few weeks, and the thought of saying goodbye to them next week is already starting to hang over my head. When we struggle to stay afloat, we are there as members of a company to support each other. That is the foundation of our show, and I could not be more grateful for the time we took in our first week of camp to become an ensemble before we were even cast. I am so excited to see what else we can do in this last week.

Photos of the Day:

Music committee getting a lesson on how to shake an egg with their mentor, Chris Johnston, on our preshow song, “I Fought in a War”!! Chris in the chair, Eleanor (Fluellen, Grey), Ezra (Montjoy), Micah (Rambures, Bardolph, York) Good stuff!!

Costumes Committee showing off their leek prop for Fluellen to their mentors, Jas and Mev! Pictured are Lilly (Hostess, Burgundy, and Governor) and Lee (Scroope, Alice, and Erpingham). Not pictured is Violet (Dolphin and Ely)—she was off doing combat!

Props getting bloooooody with their mentor, Rhi! Isabella (Nym, Constable), Rhi, Riley (Williams, Orleans, Bedford), and Analise (Boy)

Pistol (played by Molly) with his leek…and beard!!! I don’t care what Fluellen says, leeks are not good.