Today’s Date: 6/28/23

Show Title: Cymbeline

Director: Emily MacLeod

Staff Crew: Ronee Goldman, Austen Bell, Rowen Jackson, Scarlet Frishman

What we did


After an energizing warm-up game of Whoosh Ball led by Austen Bell, the cast broke up into two groups- Casey (our Cloten) and Lucy (our Imogen) did some clowning work while the rest of the cast worked with Kailey Potter on combat staging and movement! Then our cast put the big sticks away for the day and learned our Show Song, singing beautifully and exploring possible staging until it was time for lunch. 


Quick and Quotable

  • “For which, their Father/ Then old, and fond of issue, took such sorrow/ that he quit Being” -1st Gent (This was a fun conversation with the cast about what “old” really meant in the year 0 AD! And the term “quit being” is a hilarious way to say that he died”.
  • “Cymbeline (the character) has the power to move people” – Emily
  • “That leaves space for Posthumus to make a banana into Britain Land” – Kailey Potter (this made our cast laugh a lot). 

Production Insights 


Today was a rehearsal where it felt like we got a lot done, which was really nice. The playhouse rehearsals seem to move faster, probably because we’re enjoying ourselves so much in the beautiful space— but today we really got to dig in and work. As Dramaturg for this production, my favorite thing in the world is when the campers come ask me about the meaning of a line, word, or speech. I genuinely love talking about this script that I’ve spent so many hours reading, editing, and writing about. I can’t wait to answer more questions as rehearsals continue.