Show Title: Cymbeline

Director: Emily MacLeod

Staff Crew: Ronee Goldman, Austen Bell, Rowen Jackson, Scarlet Frishman


What we did

We jumped right in at the top of rehearsal with a cue-to-cue, practicing the major entrances and exits of our play. After our cue-to-cue we worked the last act of the play (which is the most complicated). Emily gave a bunch of specific acting notes for the final scene, so it’s all cleaned up now! After break we did some individual scene work in preparation for our full runs tomorrow and Saturday. 


Quick and Quotable

  • “His gentle lady, big of this gentleman” -A fascinating way that Shakespeare chose to describe a woman being pregnant! Spoken by Wren during our show.
  • “I’m a roman!” Followed by a proud chest bump and manly grunt, spoken by Emily.
  • “Ah, you’re just a fool. That’s fine!” -Emily, after Alan called himself a fool (for trying to page the wrong curtain).
  • “There should be no more Bejeezus in the room. Exorcize the Bejeezus” -Ronee and Emily
  • It’s not quite a quote, but the cast did a very silly dance today for seemingly no reason- a still from that dance is featured as the header photo for today’s rehearsal. 


Production Insights 

Alright, here’s a sonnet for y’all:


Some sixteen youths from far across these lands

Each with a dream in mind and hopes to keep,

Conjoined in hearts and minds, in souls and hands

To meet three hours each day before they sleep.


Twenty-one days does not much time allow

Twelve hundred lines of text to come to life.

A mountains task they have thus taken vow

To celebrate these words with drum and fife.


Maggie, Clarissa, Uriel and Wren,

With Alan, Everett, Mimi and our Bee,

Sydne, Gaia, Casey, Lucy, Lauren,

Join Summer, Mia, last but not least Lee.


Their pride upon this stage is palpable,

We hope their performance is admir’ble.