The space and geometry thoughtfully choreographed by our Fight Director Philip Orazio means not a single audience member has ever been stabbed on a gallant stool!


It’s Spooky Season year-round with the appearance of Caesar’s ghost THRICE…or so Brutus (originated by Aidan O’Reilly, replaced by Joe Mucciolo) says…


Who doesn’t love a strategic, thoughtful, elegant wife…and her husband. This play features not just one, but two historically significant women (Portia played by Corrie Green and Calpurnia played by Natasia Lucia Reinhardt) taking space when and where they can.


Friends, romans, theatre patrons…lend me your ears. This script was cut by the actors so that each line could be as thoughtful and easy to understand as possible.


You might wonder, how many assassinations is too many? For the American Shakespeare Center, the number does not exist. For the people of Rome…one.


This play features a delicious blend of spectacle and story…and so many beautiful Roman costumes built by our talented Costume Team: Marie Lupia, Amy Wert, and Tori Wright!

7. Immersive soundscape

From celebrations to orchards to battlefields, Julius Caesar will encompass your whole person with its rich music and soundscape, thanks to Music Director Summer England.


Spoiler alert, but did you know the title character dies before the first half of the play is over? What else could these characters possibly have to do once Caesar is dead? Trust us…plenty.

9. Caesar himself

The most interesting man alive (or dead)? This play’s title character (played by Kenn Hopkins, Jr.) is based on the real Roman leader. That’s right, THE Julius Caesar who was a) captured by pirates, b) murdered by more than 60 people, and c) the father of leap year!


Shakespeare loved his friends, and so does Brutus. The depth and intimacy of his relationship to Cassius has spanned over centuries…if only Caesar had a bestie in times like this. (AND HE DID! Mark Antony, played by Sarah Fallon, was like a son to Caesar.) The layers are never-ending.

Join the American Shakespeare Center for the final performances of our 2024 Spring Season at the Blackfriars Playhouse: Julius Caesar, Pride and Prejudice, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The repertory season closes on June 9. Check out our full calendar of events and book your tickets today!

Photo credits:

All photography by October Grace Media. (Header) Sarah Fallon, Kenn Hopkins Jr., Joe Mucciolo; (Photo collage 1) Philip Orazio, Annabelle Rollison, Natasia Lucia Reinhardt, Aidan O’Reilly, Philip Orazio, Summer England; (Photo 2) Kenn Hopkins, Jr.; (Photo collage 3) Corrie Green, Natasia Lucia Reinhardt; (Photo 4) Joe Mucciolo, Sarah Fallon, Kenn Hopkins, Jr.; (Photo 5) The cast of ‘Julius Caesar’ 2024; (Photo collage 6) Corrie Green, Aidan O’Reilly, Philip Orazio, Sarah Fallon, Summer England, Joe Mucciolo; (Photo 7) Aidan O’Reilly, Corrie Green, Summer England; (Photo 8) Sarah Fallon and the cast of ‘Julius Caesar’ 2024; (Photo 9) Kenn Hopkins, Jr. and the cast of ‘Julius Caesar’ 2024; (Photo 10) Aidan O’Reilly and Philip Orazio

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