The ASC Theatre Camp hones your skills as a performer while further preparingyou  for the academic rigors of college life and learning… so you might as well earn college credit for it. Enroll in the Companion course to get a head start on your college degree.

Each summer, we choose a theme for Companion course and pursue different lines of inquiry around that theme as a way of burrowing deeper into our knowledge of Shakespeare: his plays, his contemporaries, and his cultural legacy. Previous years have focused on themes like “Collaboration” and “Access.”

The Companion course introduces campers to the upper-level resources available in a university library. By enrolling in the Companion course, you aim to improve your research and writing skills beyond their current level. For attending the extra class sessions, doing the reading, completing in-camp assignment, and turning in a final project post-camp, campers in the Companion course can earn up to 3 college credit hours from Mary Baldwin University, which are transferable to other institutions.

In a manner of speaking. You must be accepted to camp in order to be eligible for the companion course, which means that everyone who ends up attending either session of ASCTC is qualified to enroll.

Fill out the enrollment form and send it straight to Mary Baldwin University along with your tuition payment.