Navarre Staunton shall be the wonder of the world;
Our court playhouse shall be a little Academe,
Still and contemplative Raucous and invested in living art.

– Love’s Labour’s Lost Act 1, Sc 1 (modified)

take a course on early modern drama in the world’s only re-creation of shakespeare’s indoor theatre.

Take advantage of numerous workshops, multiple performances employing Shakespeare’s Staging Conditions, lectures, and talkbacks – all set in beautiful Staunton, Virginia.

We take the practices of the rehearsal room and introduce them to students in our workshops.  We’ll help them break Shakespeare’s text into pieces, like a puzzle that connects character, story, and compelling moments.  When they watch the pieces come to life on stage, students will gain ownership of Shakespeare and see what teachers have espoused for years: Shakespeare is for now.

For a weeklong visit, we can coordinate with our local partners such as The Frontier Culture Museum, Monticello, and Anne Hathaway’s Tea Room to round out the study with architecture, context, and experiential learning opportunities.

We also offer magnet programs for specific audiences.  Whether you are searching for a retreat for your honors program, bringing a group of Arts Management or Theatre Studies students, or looking for Leadership Training for your College Council, we can provide an experience your students will never forget.

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We can also bring these programs on the road with our unique residencies

Interested in hosting a residency at your school or organization?

All of our educational programming is available on the road, including our teacher seminars and leadership training. Educational residencies can be as small as one workshop or as long as a week. We can provide teacher training for inservice days, monologue or scene coaching for an upcoming performance, or any of the workshops on our workshop menu. As with SHXcademies, educational residencies are completely customizable.

Whether your group is interested in Shakespeare’s world, words, or stagecraft, we can help you turn on the lights of inspiration and learning.

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Sample Schedule

10:00am  Playhouse Tour

11:00am  Workshop: Shakespeare’s Staging Conditions

12:00pm  Lunch Break

2:00pm  Workshop: Rhetoric

3:00pm  Dr. Ralph Lecture

7:30pm  Hamlet


10:00am  Workshop: Direct Address

11:00am  Workshop: Cue Scripts

12:00pm  Lunch Break

2:00pm  Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

7:30pm  The Way of the World


10:00am  Workshop: Textual Varients

11:00am  Workshop: Character Play

12:00pm  Lunch Break

2:00pm  Richard II