Examine the interdisciplinary nature of Julius Caesar and its relevance to 21st-century students.

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Friday, August 3

9:00–10:00am  Welcome & Introductions

10:00–11:15am  ShakesFear and Julius Caesar

11:30am–12:30pm  The Politics of Julius Caesar

2:00–4:30pm  Speech-Off: Antony and Brutus

7:30pm  As You Like It (included in your registration)

Saturday, August 4

9:00–9:30am Critics’ Circle

9:30–11:00am  Cross-discipline Considerations: The Sources and Dramaturgy of Julius Caesar

11:00am–12:30pm  The Second Half

1:30–3:00pm  Playing with Cue Scripts

3:00–4:30pm  Bathe our Hands in Caesar’s Blood

4:30–5:00pm  Debrief and Take-Aways

7:30pm  Emma (add-on)