Henry IV, Part 1  and The Merry Wives of Windsor


Join us for a one-day journey through rhetoric and disguise on the Early Modern stage.

Friday, November 2

6:00-7:00pm  Registration and Cocktail Hour

7:30pm  As You Like It (included in your registration)

Saturday, November 3

8:45-9:45am Welcome and Introductions

9:45–10:45am  Connecting the Dots

11:00am–12:15pm  Dr Ralph: Finding Falstaff

12:15–1:30pm  Lunch Break

1:30–2:45pm  Rhetoric: Court and Commons

2:45–4:15pm  Put on your Vizards: Disguise in Shakespeare

4:30–5:30pm  Debrief and Takeaways

7:30pm  Emma (add-on)