Henry IV, Part 1  and The Merry Wives of Windsor


Join us for a one-day journey through rhetoric and disguise on the Early Modern stage.

Friday, November 2

6:00-7:00pm  Registration and Cocktail Hour

7:30pm  As You Like It (included in your registration)

Saturday, November 3

8:45-9:45am Welcome and Introductions

9:45–10:45am  Connecting the Dots

Examine the historical relationships between Shakespeare’s characters and what we know about the people they are based on. We will also consider how students may use primary sources in their own research and writing.

11:00am–12:15pm  Dr Ralph: Finding Falstaff

One of the more famous characters of all time’s appeal may allude your students (or, maybe, even you!). In this session, find out, from the author of ShakesFear, how Falstaff functions and gained his fame. Then, put the activities you learn to work in your classroom.

12:15–1:30pm  Lunch Break

1:30–2:45pm  Rhetoric: Court and Commons

Dive deep into the language that distinguishes characters from diverse backgrounds in Henry IV, Part I.

2:45–4:15pm  Put on your Vizards: Disguise in Shakespeare

Learn about the historical use of costume on the early modern stage and play with simple pieces for making disguise scenes come to life in the classroom.

4:30–5:30pm  Debrief and Takeaways

7:30pm  Emma (add-on)