Applicants interested in the SM fellowship should be enthusiastic about assisting the SM and ASM with all rehearsal and production requirements. Potential fellows will be self-motivated individuals who are excited about all tasks including but not limited to maintaining paperwork, recording blocking, and anticipating the hospitality needs of the company.  The Stage Management Fellow will work between 20 and 40 hours per week, based on availability. The per diem for this fellowship is $200 per week.

  • The Stage Management Fellow will assist the Stage Manager and Assistant Stage Manager in running rehearsals and performances.
  • Duties will be assigned by the SM as required by each production. Examples of duties:
    • being on book for rehearsals and performances
    • taking detailed line notes during rehearsals and performances, and processing them in a timely manner
    • running lines with actors
    • arriving early to and staying after performances and rehearsals to help set up and strike for performances and rehearsals, including but not limited to preparing theater facilities, stage cleanliness/maintenance, etc.
    • helping reset props and scenic elements
    • helping with time calls
    • moving set pieces or props on and off the stage
    • cleaning high-touch surfaces and props in line with AEA Covid Compliance procedures
    • understudy backstage tracks for performance as needed
  • Assist ASM in maintaining the green room and backstage spaces
    • taking inventory of supplies
  • Assisting with daily SM paperwork;
    • Maintaining schedules & calendars
    • timing sheets
    • run sheets
    • props lists

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The Stage Management Fellow must be fully vaccinated before beginning work and will enforce masking protocols and other guidelines as outlined by the AEA Covid Compliance Team.

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