All’s Well That Ends Well – Prep for the Play

Want to know more about our third title this season? Join team Education for a crash course in ASC’s approach to Shakespeare’s text with four interactive workshops that will hone your textual toolkit and help you approach the play like an actor. Dive deep into the text of All’s Well That Ends Well to learn how the play came together and make your own choices about performance — all without leaving your couch.

This course will meet synchronously on Zoom for 60-90 mins each night for the four nights—August 9 – 12, covering a different topic each night (schedule below). Join us for one workshop or all four!

  • Monday, August 9 @ 5:30pm ET- Editing Shakespeare
  • Tuesday, August 10 @ 5:30pm ET – Verse
  • Wednesday, August 11 @ 5:30pm ET – Rhetoric
  • Thursday, August 12 @ 5:30pm ET- Stage Directions

Each Night: $15 

All Four Events: $50

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