These two-day, in-person programs feature six curated ‘playshops’—interactive workshops where you learn and practice activities to use in your classroom while gaining valuable insight and information—and tickets to the related shows! As an added bonus, teachers can earn Continuing Education Units for professional development.

Friday, July 9th – Saturday, July 10th

The Dynamics of Power and Identity in Macbeth and Henry V (Weekend Cost, including show tickets – $150/person)

The titles in American Shakespeare Center’s Actors’ Renaissance Summer are ripe for exploration with your students. Questions of identity pervade Macbeth and Henry V as both titles find characters in the throes of Xenophobia and Nativism.  Join ASC’s Education team to peel back the layers of countries tearing themselves apart with bias against their fellow citizens and trace the impact of such narratives throughout time.

Friday, August 13 – Saturday, August 14th

The Character of War in Macbeth, Henry V and All’s Well that Ends Wel(Weekend Cost, including show tickets – $175/person)

Travel throughout Europe as we consider aggressions and warfare and their effect on those who survive. War features heavily in each play in the Actors’ Renaissance Summer, offering educators the opportunity to examine how literature interprets conflict and question our own understanding of the ways warfare both shakes up characters and fades into the background–and how each of those viewpoints creates tension in the narrative. The weekend features two sessions on each title.



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