Sensory Friendly performances


Q: What is a sensory-friendly performance?

A sensory-friendly performance is designed to create a welcoming and safe environment for patrons who have sensory sensitivities. 


Q: What can I expect at a sensory-friendly performance? 

  • Unnecessary sound cues will be eliminated from this performance
  • Necessary sound cues will be demonstrated before the show, and will be played visibly for the audience
  • Pre-show music and intermission music will be toned down
  • We will provide warnings for any entrances or exits through the house
  • We will have a safe, quiet space outside the theater if you need to step out


Q: Can I bring fidget toys or headphones? 

Absolutely! Feel free to bring whatever you need to be comfortable! The box office will also have fidget toys and headphones available upon request. 


Q: Can I bring snacks? 

You are welcome to bring snacks or drinks; however, at this time it is required that they are left at the Box Office. We will have them there if you want to step into the lobby or outside to consume them.


Q: Does the theater have food and drinks?

At this time, our bar is closed, so we will not have food or drinks available for purchase. 


Q: Do I need to wear a mask? 

Yes, we require masks at all times inside the theater. If you need to take a break from wearing a mask, you are welcome to step out outside to do so. 


Q: Will I be able to leave the theater, and if so, will I be able to return to my seat? 

Yes, you are welcome to leave the theater at any time. You are welcome to wait in the lobby or the safe space until you are ready to return. Once you are ready, an usher will help you return to your seat. 


Q: Will I be able to move seats? 

We have reserved seats in the back row both upstairs and downstairs that you can move to at any time. If you would like to sit somewhere else, our box office staff will be happy to assist you. This is a distanced performance, so patrons are spaced apart from each other. 


Q: Is there anything I can do to prepare for this experience? 

We have a social story, Going to the Theater, that explains a step-by-step narrative about what to expect at the performance. We also provide a plot synopsis in our digital program (under The Comedy of Errors tab, Stuff That Happens).  You can view a 360 of our theater here. More information about the theater and Staunton can be found on our Plan Your Visit page


Q: How do I purchase tickets? 

Tickets can be purchased on our website or through the box office at 1-800-MUCHADO. 


Q: What if I have specific questions or needs?

You are welcome to contact our box office at 1-800-MUCHADO or