ASC believes that educators are one of the most important resources in our country.

We love working with teachers at all levels to bring the joy of Shakespeare to students & help cure ShakesFear. Now, just like you, ASC is pivoting to offer services for teachers virtually.

With SHXClass, you can take a break and let ASC Education Artists engage your classroom on the themes you’ve selected. Or, dive deep with our SHXTeach courses and explore our “Shakespeare and Class Culture in a Pandemic” curriculum and continue your growth as an educator.

Or, bring the Playhouse into your classroom via a Virtual Student Matinees. Offered in multiple formats, your students can watch as Shakespeare leaps off the page and onto the stage via cinema-quality video of a real performance.

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Let ASC cure your Zoom fatigue while you sit back and learn with your students. We will engage them (and you) in enriching and exciting ways on your schedule.

Our education artists will teach your class and re-energize the learning experience for you and your students via live streamed workshops.

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We can customize these classes around the plays and themes YOU are teaching your students.


WANT MORE? SHXChat with an education artist during your stream (for an additional fee.)


Wondering how you’re supposed to teach Shakespeare in a pandemic? Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered.

Using activities that work with plays across the canon as models, we will guide you and your fellow teachers through three weekly workshops.
You will:

  • find ways for students to check in with their teachers and each other regularly,
  • build class routines and ‘culture’ into the visual, online classroom medium,
  • learn that student-driven projects are your friend and foster deep engagement,
  • understand how to use all the interactive features available to you,
  • earn Continuing Education Units for professional development


Our Student Matinee series is one of the best ways to bring Shakespeare to life for your students. Whether it’s your students’ first experience the live arts, or an opportunity to bring the page to life as a supplement to your curriculum, our Student Matinee series has something for every class.

Bring a digital performance to your classroom and earn a FREE Study Guide to supplement your lesson plans and unleash the wonder of Shakespeare in the classroom before and after the show.

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