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Camp is about more than the content of its classes — camp is about the magic that happens when you gather people together, give them a bunch of really good words, and invite their imaginations to run wild.


While we cannot bring students from around the world to Staunton, Virginia for three weeks of residential mayhem culminating in a final festival of performances in the world’s only recreation of Shakespeare’s indoor theatre, we will bring hearts and minds together to collaborate on creative responses to our current circumstances using some really good words and the entirety of the internet. All we really need to do in order to keep the magic of camp alive this summer is redesign the “room” in which we gather.

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July 12 – August 3, 2020

#SHXCamp is a socially distant version of the ASC Theatre Camp: a three-week immersive intensive for teens conducted entirely online.

#SHXCamp will take place during the dates originally scheduled for the “Super Session”: July 12 – August 3, 2020.

Campers will collaborate with each other and with our staff synchronously and asynchronously via the video-conferencing platform Zoom and the communication platform Slack. 

Overall, #SHXCamp is designed to sharpen campers’ existing skills while exploring some brand new ones. #SHXCamp connects campers with others who share their passion, and #SHXCampers develop communication skills, collaborative abilities, and confidence alongside finer control of their craft(s).

#SHXCampers audition together on Day 1 in order to be cast in a show — but instead of rehearsing a one-hour production for performance in the Blackfriars Playhouse, #SHXCampers will use cue scripts to dive deep into the text of their role.

Under the guidance of #SHXCamp staff, each cast will create a multimedia-enhanced devised exploration of their play to be shown in a final celebration at the end of #SHXCamp. 


  • #SHXCampers will customize their #SHXperience by enrolling in different elective classes taught by #SHXCamp staff and developing a personal portfolio of their individual work alongside their contributions to the final portfolio of their assigned show. 
  • #SHXCampers will have the opportunity to earn college credit from Mary Baldwin University, to hang out in virtual lounges with other campers during downtime, and to join the gang for beloved camp life activities in the evenings and on weekends. 
  • #SHXCampers will not be parked in front of their screens all day watching pre-recorded lectures, nor will they be stranded in an anonymous Zoom wasteland. 

We’ve designed a dynamic, coast-to-coast daily schedule for #SHXCamp that will retain many of the treasured parts of the ASC Theatre Camp Life that keep campers coming back year after year while also fully, boldly, and joyfully exploring the boundaries of this brave new medium. 

#SHXCampers will meet five days a week (M-F) for two blocks of synchronous daily programming: “morning” rehearsals (after the all-camp warmup) and “afternoon” classes, workshops, and coaching sessions. A few “evenings” each week will also be devoted to virtual versions of beloved camp life activities (like the talent show, Masquerade, and sonnet night). Each day concludes with an all-camp “lullabye” before campers disperse.

On the weekends, #SHXCampers can log on to a variety of optional groups to play games, do crafts, play music, or just hang out.

Here is a sample schedule for what a general M-F at #SHXCamp might look like. This schedule is subject to change.

10:30am – 11:30am (flexible) “Homeroom Hang Time” for East Coast/Central Time campers
12pm – 12:30pm All-camp warm ups
12:30pm – 3pm Rehearsals/Collaborative Time in small groups
3:30pm – 5pm Masterclasses, Electives, Workshops
7pm – 10pm (2-3x/wk only) Camp Life Activities – masquerade, talent show, movie viewing parties, etc.
10pm – 10:30pm Nightly Lullaby (all camp)
10:30pm – 11:30pm (flexible) Homeroom Hang Time for Mountain/West Coast campers

Tuition for the three-week #SHXCamp is $2250.

Financial aid is available for qualifying campers. Email us for more information! We are excited to work with you. 

Attendance at #SHXCamp is by admission only. 

If you are not already registered for the ASCTC 2020 Super Session, you can apply directly to #SHXCamp. Accepted #SHXCampers will receive a link to the registration form in their acceptance confirmation email.

All campers accepted into ASCTC 2020 are automatically accepted into #SHXCamp, and campers who have already registered for the ASCTC 2020 Super Session should email Camp Director Lia Wallace at to confirm their attendance at #SHXCamp and receive an updated account status snapshot.

All money paid towards tuition for ASCTC 2020 may be transferred into a placeholder towards tuition for ASCTC 2021, converted into a tax-deductible donation, or fully refunded. Please Contact Camp Director Lia Wallace at to discuss your options.

In order to allow adequate time for planning and postage (see info about the SHXBox, below) the deadline for #SHXCamp enrollment is June 30, 2020. 

Applications will be accepted after June 30 but you may not recieve your SHXBox on time. Please be advised!

#SHXCampers will need reliable access to the following resources throughout the duration of #SHXCamp:

  • Stable Internet Connection
  • Computer/Laptop Screen OR Mobile/Tablet Screen
  • Microphone
  • Webcam
  • Headphones (a basic pair will also be provided in your SHXBox)
  • Private, quiet space from which to “attend” #SHXCamp events without interruption (e.g. a private room or study)

All #SHXCampers will receive a SHXBox “Starter Kit” containing a #SHXCamp shirt, a basic pair of headphones, and any other materials required for all-camp activities. Overall, the SHXBox is designed to spark campers’ imaginations and inspire them to get individually creative from a collective starting place.


Make a Joyful Noise! Using the Body to Release the Voice with Broadway Sensation Nancy Anderson
  • Nancy takes an integrated approach to using the voice on stage. Effective performing as well as proper vocal technique starts with a relaxed and released body. Once you can overcome your tensions and nerves, you will find true freedom in your voice and in your characters. In class, whether speaking or singing, you will learn innovative ways to reveal your true voice using physical movement and effective visualizations. Through careful analysis of your body and how it behaves while speaking and singing you will discover methods specific to your needs that will help you overcome inhibitions to free your voice and fully occupy the stage (or screen)!
Acting 101: Breaking the Legacy with ASC Actor Brandon Carter
  • This course is designed to introduce the basic principles and fundamentals of the art and craft of the acting process. Through participation in the creative process and scene study, you will develop a better understanding and appreciation of acting. Participants will gain a greater understanding of acting skills, script and character analysis, and theatre/acting terminology; heighten the powers of observation, focus, invention and imagination; develop a deeper appreciation for the commitment and discipline that acting requires; and learn proper use of the script as a fundamental source of all behavior on stage.
Strength in Stillness: Physical Expression and Presence Onstage (movement coaching) with ASC Actor Michael Mannochio
Michael Minocchio actor headshot
  • A rigorous physical discipline, the Suzuki Method of Actor Training addresses the three challenges of performance that all performers face, regardless of their discipline or where the rest of our technique has come from: center of gravity control, breath calibration, and energy production and focus. To quote a great teacher of mine, Suzuki training “helps you gain perspective into the abilities you have and cultivate those you lack, then effectively translate those abilities into expression.” Cultivating a conscious, fictive, physical presence onstage will be our main focus.


  • The Other 4th Wall: Audience Engagement and Fundraising

    with Kelly Burdick & Stephanie Cabacoy, ASC’s Dynamic Development Duo 

    • Audience Engagement and Fundraising explores the world of development and teaches students how to turn a first time visitor into a lifelong donor. In this class, we will break down the donor relationship into three lessons: “Say’ Hello'”, “Getting to Know You”, and “The Art of Making an Ask”. After each lesson, each camper will have the opportunity to take what they learned in the class and create their own elevator pitch and make an ask. The tools you gain from this course go beyond fundraising, this class will help grow your confidence in making a great first impression in any job/ college interview and teach you how to maintain professional networks as you embark on an epic career journey.
  • “Stay, Illusion!” Adapting Shakespeare to Film

    with Associate Artistic Director Dan Hasse, director of ASC’s Twelfth Night

    • Join Associate Artistic Director (and camp alum!) Dan Hasse for a masterclass in Shakespeare and filmmaking! In this class, #SHXCampers will film a monologue from their cue-scripts utilizing at least 3 elements that are unique to the cinematic genre.
  • Write a Play Like Shakespeare!

    with ASC Literary Manager Anne Morgan

    • How did Shakespeare become so great? Well, he started by putting pen to paper (or, quill to parchment). This elective will use exercises inspired by Shakespeare’s plays to explore the fundamentals of playwriting.
  • MacGuyver Props: Working with What You’ve Got

    with ASC Propmaster Rhi Sanders

    • Ever wonder where the fantastical props come from over at the ASC? Sit down with our Props Master and learn the art of prop crafting with all the tools and materials that are hiding in plain sight. We’ll cover typical Shakespeare props, like letters and purses, and talk about some wild secrets behind modern prop creation.
  • Production Design

    with ASC Guest Designer Victoria Depew

    • More information coming soon!
  • Mock’d with Art: Animating Shakespeare

    with ASC Actor Zoe Speas

    • Drawing from life confronts you with the challenge of focusing on what you see versus what you THINK you’re seeing. In many ways, this is the same obstacle an actor encounters in performing any role: find and bring to life what is given to you by the playwright in the text, not what you assume about the role by filling in the gaps. By honing the skill of both still-life drawing and freestyle sketching, students are able to experience that subtle difference for themselves—not only training their eyes but their minds. No previous experience with art is required: only a willingness to try, fail, repeat, and get creative. 
  • Marketing Yourself As A Theatre Artist (In A Digital World)

    with ASC Marketing & Sales Mavens Liz Bernardo-Stewart and Sky Wilson

    • Alongside ASC’s marketing and sales team, you’ll be introduced to what it’s like to promote yourself as a multi-disciplinary theatre artist in an increasingly online world. Learn about and create a functional professional website for yourself that you can carry forward into your future. Develop a sense of your personal brand, and how to incorporate it into your online and social media presence. You’ll walk away feeling confident in your professional, virtual voice!
  • SNL: Shakespeare No Lines

    with #SHXCamp Improv Coach Esma Eddeb

    • Almost like being a cast member of SNL but at least one of your castmates is Shakespeare! Learn how to use the art of improvisation to bring a character to life. Guaranteed lots of weird, crazy fun, with the possible advantage of being funny.
  • Play On! Music Composition

    with #SHXCamp’s Music Virtuosos Chase & Abe

    • Campers join Chase and Abe to develop the skills to collaboratively create music for this new digital age. Let’s all be honest, if Shakespeare himself could hear the music we’re about to produce he’d say, “Play On”!
  • “When You Do Dance”: Dance and Choreography

    with #SHXCamp Dance Coach Amy Ippolito

    • Campers will learn to be choreographers as well as dancers in this class! We will be creating pieces that speak to the #SHXCamp plays, as well as learning how to navigate the (sometimes) tedious process of writing down dance choreography.

college credit course

– taught by ASC staff

Offered in partnership with Mary Baldwin University, this course builds on the training participants receive throughout the #SHXCamp experience through the focused exploration and application of the practices employed by modern theatre practitioners in the preparation of early modern texts for performance. Specifically, this course delves into the plays of William Shakespeare and his contemporaries to examine different methodologies for cutting, rearranging, collating, or otherwise manipulating various and variant texts to create different desired narratives in performance — a perfect exploration for this multimedia-enhanced variation of the “normal” camp program.

In partnership with Mary Baldwin University; extra fees apply.