When you hear the title Pride and Prejudice, you may first think of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, but there are so many other incredible characters to discover in this story. The true joy of seeing a staged adaptation of Jane Austen’s masterwork—particularly this world premiere adaptation by Emma Whipday—is in seeing her delightful ensemble of characters come to life, especially on our unique Blackfriars Playhouse stage where the lights stay on and the audience is invited into the story. All the humor, wit, romance, and joy that make this story special is wrapped up in these characters!

Of course there are many more wonderful characters to be found within our production, but here are my top ten “reasons” why you should come see the American Shakespeare Center’s production of Pride and Prejudice before it closes on June 8:

1. Mary BENNET

Every character tells their own narratives, but Mary (played by Annabelle Rollison) simply speaks the truth. How dare she be hushed!

2. Caroline BINGLEY

Do you love a shady mean girl? Look no further than Pride and Prejudice‘s very own Caroline Bingley played by Joe Mucciolo. Caroline is serving tea, and looks, 24/7.

3. The Housekeeper

Have you ever wanted to know what unbridled joy looks like? Come see Pride and Prejudice to experience joy in its fullest! The Housekeeper, played by Summer England, may only appear in one scene but you won’t soon forget her.

4. Mrs. Bennet

Do you have a mother who occasionally oversteps and meddles where she maybe shouldn’t? SO DO WE! The lovably overbearing Mrs. Bennet is played by Sarah Fallon.

5. Mr. Bingley

Who doesn’t love a soft boy? Our sweet Mr. Bingley is played by Nicolas Eric Sanchez.

6. Mr. Collins

The greatest marriages sometimes stem from unexpected places. Lucky for Elizabeth, Mr. Collins’ unexpectedly great marriage doesn’t end up being with her. Mr. Collins was originated by Aidan O’Reilly and is currently played by Ronan Melomo.

7. Lady Catherine de Bourgh

In meeting Lady Catherine, you might be required to bow…even in America. Our esteemed Lady Catherine de Bourgh is played by Sarah Fallon.

8. Lydia BENNET

If Jane Austen had written the line “But daddy, I love him!” it would have been given to the one-and-only Lydia Bennet, played by Corrie Green.

9. Mr. Wickham

At least he knows how to have a good time! Mr. Wickham was originated by Aidan O’Reilly and is currently played by Ronan Melomo.

10. Mrs. Gardiner

She is EXQUISITE. Don’t believe me? If knowing she’s played by Annabelle Rollison isn’t enough proof, then come see the show to find out how right I am!

Join the American Shakespeare Center for the final performances of our 2024 Spring Season at the Blackfriars PlayhousePride and Prejudice, Julius Caesar, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The repertory season closes on June 9. Check out our full calendar of events and book your tickets today!

Photo credits:

All photography by October Grace Media. (Header) The cast of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ 2024; (Photo 1) Annabelle Rollison and the cast of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ 2024; (Photo 2) Nicolas Eric Sanchez and Joe Mucciolo; (Photo 3) Natasia Lucia Reinhardt, Summer England, Annabelle Rollison; (Photo 4) Sarah Fallon, Natasia Lucia Reinhardt, Corrie Green; (Photo 5) Philip Orazio and Nicolas Eric Sanchez; (Photo 6) Natasia Lucia Reinhardt, Aidan O’Reilly, Philip Orazio, and Joe Mucciolo; (Photo 7) Sarah Fallon and Natasia Lucia Reinhardt; (Photo 8) Corrie Green; (Photo 9) Aidan O’Reilly and Corrie Green; (Photo 10) Natasia Lucia Reinhardt, Annabelle Rollison, and Philip Orazio. 

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