January 31 - April 18

Uneasy lies the head…

This season offers you the chance to hear the whole story of the boy who would be king. While young Prince Hal follows the path toward kingship under the eye of his father, the aging Falstaff drinks and starts trouble. The satisfying end to a tale too full of adventure to be told in just one play.

Dr. Ralph PresentsSome Fridays at 5pm
Discovery SpaceSome Sundays at 11am
Talkback Thursdays | Every Thursday after the performance
ASC welcomes children age 7+
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Calendar for Henry IV, Part 2

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Stuff That Happens
Before the Play
  • William Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part 1, part of ASC’s 2019 Actors’ Renaissance and revived this season.
During the Play
  • Following the Battle of Shrewsbury, rumors fly about the battle’s outcome and the fates of those who fought.
  • The earl of Northumberland learns of his son Hotspur’s death and is determined to join his brother, the earl of Worcester (still unaware that he is also dead) and the other rebels in battle.
  • Sir John Falstaff continues to frequent taverns, engage in petty crime, and owe people money.
  • Feeling the loss of Worcester and hoping for Northumberland’s support, the Archbishop of York and the rebel leaders regroup in Yorkshire to prepare for further battle.
  • Prince Hal and his friend Poins continue to make trouble and poke fun at Falstaff.
  • Mistress Quickly is joined by Doll Tearsheet at her still-bawdy establishment in Eastcheap.
  • In the midst of debauchery, Doll and Falstaff express affection for one another.
  • Northumberland’s wife and daughter-in-law convince him not to go off to fight with the other rebels. Instead he goes to Scotland.
  • King Henry IV is losing sleep over the state of the country and his wayward son. He dreams of making a long overdue pilgrimage to the Holy Land.
  • Falstaff conscripts thieves and lowlifes into his loyalist army.
  • Falstaff and his old school chum, Justice Shallow, reminisce about their raucous pasts.
  • King Henry IV’s illness worsens.
  • Prince John and Westmoreland parley with the rebels at Gaultree Forest in Yorkshire.
  • Falstaff speaks eloquently about sack.
  • Succession, banishment, and the chimes at midnight ensue.

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