June 14, 2018 – December 1, 2018

chris johnston

For “handsome, clever, and rich” Emma Woodhouse, romance can be hit or miss. A self-declared matchmaker, Emma uses her considerable (and misguided) talents to find partners for her less-fortunate friends. Though she declares she’ll never marry, even Emma falls victim to the pitfalls of love in Jane Austen’s witty and charming tale.

I just saw Emma and the performance and experience was delightful!
Toni Schmiegelow

Saw it this week…it is FABULOUS!!
Valli Laneve

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Stuff That Happens
  • Handsome, clever, and rich Emma Woodhouse, having successfully brought about the wedding of her former governess, decides to further develop her matchmaking skills.
  • Emma declares she’ll never make a match for herself, but pinpoints the clergyman Mr. Elton as her next target. Harriet Smith, Emma’s loyal though lower-class friend, seems like a suitable match.
  • The quick-witted family friend Mr. Knightley visits. He confesses to Mrs. Weston, Emma’s former governess, that he believes Harriet’s reverence of Emma has the potential for misfortune.
  • Later, Emma and Harriet bump into the farmer Robert Martin. Emma observes sparks between Robert and Harriet, but believes him to be of an unsuitable status for her friend. She artfully suggests that Harriet consider Mr. Elton as an alternative match.
  • Mr. Martin proposes to Harriet, but, with a little urging from Emma, she refuses him. Emma’s satisfaction in this outcome is slightly diminished when Mr. Knightley reprimands her for her role in the rejection.
  • Emma paints Harriet’s portrait. Mr. Elton comments on the painting’s beauty and leaves a riddle for Emma and Harriet to solve.
  • At the Weston’s Christmas party, friends and family learn that Mr. Weston’s long-absent son Frank Churchill intends to visit soon.
  • Emma’s matchmaking ambitions are thwarted when Mr. Elton attempts to sweep her — rather than Harriet! — off her feet.
  • Emma wonders about the charms of the mysterious Frank Churchill with Jane Fairfax, beautiful niece to her talkative friend Miss Bates. Their conversation is interrupted by his arrival, and Emma is pleasantly surprised by how much she enjoys his company.
  • After some time away, Mr. Elton returns to Highbury with a new rich, accomplished, vain wife.
  • The Westons throw a ball for the community.
  • The entire group enjoys a tense picnic, complete with strawberry picking, awkward silences, flat jokes, unconscionable rudeness, and a rebuke of Emma from Mr. Knightley.
  • Secret engagements, rekindled romance, and newfound love ensue.