July 6, 2018 – December 1, 2018

greg brostrom

Richard III chronicles the cataclysmic end of England’s greatest power struggle, the Wars of the Roses. Richard is the play’s remarkable, charismatic, and repulsive ringmaster – he takes the audience into his confidence as he plots to kill everyone before him in line for the throne. Being seduced by Richard’s shameless treachery is one of theatre-going’s most delicious guilty pleasures.

We had a great weekend in Staunton, VA, with “As You Like It” and “Richard the III” from @shakespearectr … Amazing versatility from Greg Brostrom as both Touchstone and Richard the III, and a brilliant performance from the whole troupe. Well worth the long trip.

Howard Fienberg

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Stuff That Happens
  • Henry VI, Parts 1-3: The Wars of the Roses. The House of York (the white rose), led by Edward Plantagenet, overthrows the House of Lancaster and King Henry VI (the red rose).
  • Edward Plantagenet becomes King Edward IV of England.
  • Richard is “determined to prove a villain” and seize the throne; he tells the audience his plans.
  • Through deceit, Richard arranges for the arrest of his brother George (the Duke of Clarence); Richard tries to turn George against their other brother, King Edward IV, by telling him that Edward’s wife (Elizabeth) ordered his arrest.
  • Richard interrupts the funeral procession of King Henry VI to woo Lady Anne. Although he murdered Henry (Anne’s father-in-law) and Prince Edward (her husband), Richard tells Anne that he did it out of love for her. Anne accepts Richard’s ring.
  • Richard confronts Elizabeth and accuses her of committing the actions he set in motion. Margaret, Henry VI’s widow, returns from banishment and predicts Richard’s downfall. • Richard has assassins kill George and goes to visit King Edward IV, who is near death. The King appeals to Elizabeth and Richard for peace, and they say they agree. Edward dies believing himself responsible for his brother George’s death.
  • Richard has Elizabeth’s relatives, Rivers and Grey, imprisoned.
  • Richard has King Edward’s sons “housed” in the Tower to await the coronation of Prince Edward.
  • Richard has Rivers, Grey, and Hastings executed.
  • Richard and Buckingham stage a scene in which Richard is persuaded by Londoners to accept the crown.
  • Richard denies Elizabeth, Anne, and the Duchess access to the young princes in the Tower.
  • Richard (now King Richard III) wishes death on the princes; Buckingham pauses to consider his response.
  • More deceit, bloodshed, battle, and the emergence of England’s hope ensue.