August 22, 2018 – November 30, 2018

briana gibson reeves

The rake Dorimant and a merry gang of ladies and gents are up to no good in The Man of Mode. Dorimant’s involvement with a married woman and her younger friend complicate his budding interest in Harriet, a beautiful heiress; the romantic interests of his friends and their parents complicate everything else. Throw in disguises, tricks, and one fancy fop, and this witty comedy of manners will have you rolling in your seat.

Had a total blast and regularly LOL’ed watching ASC’s THE MAN OF MODE — coming back to Staunton ASAP to see EMMA…❤

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Stuff That Happens
  • Dorimant, a rogue, disparages his current mistress, Mrs. Loveit, to Medley. An orange-woman tells him about the young heiress, Harriet. Harriet’s guardian, Lady Woodvill, hates Dorimant.
  • Young Bellair loves Emilia. The men discuss a great fop, Sir Fopling Flutter, a man of “acquired follies.” Dorimant schemes to use him to get rid of Mrs. Loveit.
  • Young Bellair discovers his father has actually made a match for him with Harriet and will disinherit him if Young Bellair refuses.
  • Lady Townley, the sister of Old Bellair, learns about Emilia and Young Bellair’s relationship. Young Bellair tells Emilia doesn’t want to marry Harriet. Old Bellair meets Emilia, and not knowing his son loves her, he is quite enamored of her.
  • Mrs. Loveit gushes to her waiting woman, Pert, about Dorimant. Belinda, one of Dorimant’s mistresses, arrives and hints to Mrs. Loveit that Dorimant is unfaithful.
  • Dorimant arrives, and Mrs. Loveit rages at him. He insinuates that she has been unfaithful with a fop. Belinda is upset by Dorimant’s games.
  • Harriet pretends not to care for Dorimant. Young Bellair arrives, and he and Harriet discover neither wants to marry, though they fake romance to fool Old Bellair.
  • Belinda breaks things off with Dorimant. He tells her to bring Mrs. Loveit to walk in the Mall (park).
  • Fopling joins their party and is just generally a self-absorbed idiot. Dorimant feeds him misinformation — that Mrs. Loveit cares for Fopling.
  • Young Bellair and Harriet are walking when Dorimant approaches. He and Harriet are delighted by each other. Lady Woodvill arrives to get Harriet because she heard Dorimant is there, not actually recognizing him.
  • Sir Fopling prepares to promenade when Mrs. Loveit and Belinda arrive. Mrs. Loveit, knowing Dorimant watches, pretends to like Fopling.
  • Dorimant masquerades as “Mr. Courtage” to be around Harriet, and thoroughly charms Lady Woodvill.
  • Harriet and Dorimant talk, each trying to hide their feelings for the other.
  • Fopling joins and is, again, just generally a self-absorbed idiot.
  • Belinda and Dorimant meet, and she’s frustrated by his tricks on Mrs. Loveit. Fopling sings a song he wrote for Mrs. Loveit.
  • Young Bellair tells his friends he plans to secretly marry Emilia.
  • Another trip to the Mall, marriage schemes, and more Sir Fopling Flutter ensues.