Direct from the Blackfriars Playhouse, the ASC National Tour delivers seriously fun Shakespeare to audiences at performing arts centers, universities, and select high schools throughout the U.S.  From single-day performances to week-long festivals, this intrepid troupe has visited well over 500 venues in forty-eight states and six countries. For over thirty years, the ASC National Tour has earned its reputation as one of America’s most respected touring theatre companies.

The ASC National Tour invites audiences to enjoy shows in the same way that Shakespeare’s company first staged them — on a bare stage, surrounded by audience, under universal lighting, with a company of actors playing multiple roles. This highly interactive style allows the ASC National Tour to forge a sense of community between performers and audience rarely found in contemporary theatre and elevates its audiences to revel and participate in these classic works.

Yearly touring schedule:
Mid-september through mid-november

Middle Atlantic, Northeast, New England

Mid-January through early april

South, Midwest, Middle Atlantic

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